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HP LTO5, C7975A Copy Cassette Provides Unmatched Functionality With Ultrium 3000 Tape Drive

lto 5 (16)Maintain and organizations of kinds, which range from little to big businesses, have to handle the relentlessly- raising corporate information for longer intervals. The info administrators are clamoring for back-up systems that are efficient and reputable to handle this increase. LTO (linear tape open) ultrium technology offers low total ownership cost, whereas its multi- seller media interoperability causes it to be a convincing copy option for resource-constrained firms.

Longer life expectancy and Supreme quality make HP-branded back-up media apparatus a bright pick for long term data preservation. HP LTO products produce higher operating efficiency and rock solid dependability, even after continued media loads/unloads.

The five generations of LTO tape apparatus of HP offers a high-performance efficient and option for each and every budget and hardware platform.

HP’s entire array of cassette products that are LTO5 are specially engineered to fulfill the data protection needs of businesses that are large, storage- medium enterprises and intensive organizations. Ultra- smoother cassette medium and fine magnetic particles have helped to improve the track density, enabling more volume of information to be written onto precisely the same quantity of cassette. HP LTO5 cassette features while the LTO ultrium4 back-up cassette has 896 data tracks 1280 data tracks. HP C7975A, ultrium5 cartridge comes with a huge media capacity of 1500 GB (uncompressed).

For space-constrained companies, HP has developed Ultrium 3000, LTO5 half-height drives that are easily linked into a broader variety of host systems. The drive versions include internal and external. HP ultrium 3000 drives additionally support rack mount settings. Compressed data transfer rate provided by HP ultrium 3000 drive is 1 TB/hour. Advanced “dynamic data rate matching” functionality was used in HP ultrium 3000 drives to help optimize throughput speed and ensure consistent operation. In occasion of fluctuating incoming data rate, its speed can change and consequently fit it. Expand the media life and this intelligent feature helps to cut back cassette deterioration. As a consequence, the HP ultrium5 tape drives reach a staggering MTBF of 250000 Hours.

An extensive selection of back-up media formats are provided by HP including DAT/DDS, AIT, RDX cartridge, Travan, DLT and SDLT (Super DLT). HP gets the appropriate back-up solution for the elaborate and information -rich IT surroundings.

Linear Tape File System (LTFS) has been applied in LTO ultrium5 technology, making information sharing, storage and retrieval as adaptive and simple as using a USB flash drive. So the clients that are LTO5 improve their productivity, and may take pleasure in the ease of drag & drop functionality. AES 256 data the data security level is further increased by encryption system and helps you to fulfill the most rigorous data retention laws. The LTO ultrium5 format’s WORM technology being utilized by but, it is possible to safeguard your data against inadvertent erasures and over-writings. Your information can be faithfully preserved by robust HP ultrium5 cartridge for up to 30 years. Moreover, it’s extraordinary durability shields against jolts, random falls and negative working conditions.

All your strenuous requirements satisfied for safe offsite storage, high back-up speed, low operational cost, long term durability and exceptional functionality.

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